Concept for eff ective material handling

Schmack Biogas GmbH, Schwandorf

Schmack Biogas GmbH, Schwandorf, is one of the leading German providers of biogas plants. Since 1995, the company has set the benchmark for biogas plants in terms of both effi ciency and cost eff ectiveness. In a drive to realise just-in-time plant feeding, the company invested in Vecoplan’s toploader system.


A maximum reliability, efficient use of energy and undisturbed supply of the biogas plant as well as the provision of the required storage volume and the provision of the required high discharge capacity during the feeding cycles.


To ensure undisturbed reliable feeding of the biogas plant, Vecoplan designed an efficient and energy-saving solution for receiving, storing and dosing the substrates as well as subsequent feeding of the biogas plant. Two toploaders, three conveyor belts and a fully automatic control system are used.


The customer benefits from an efficient and energy-saving solution. Substrate intake takes place just-in-time during the ongoing process. In addition, both the material storage and the feeding of the biogas plant run automatically.

Smart storing for bulk materials with the Vecoplan Toploader

The patented Toploader system is the most economical storage technology for various bulk materials like wood chips, old timber, bark, RDF, corn, grass, pellets and plastics. The system also provides for fully automatic box evacuation and so it is the perfect solution for feeding processes.

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Success story-material handling-toploader system-Kodersdorf-EN
We couldn’t be more convinced to have chosen the Vecoplan toploaders and are already planning to acquire more for future projects.
Maximilian Ring , Schmack Biogas
Project Manager