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Efficient material separation

Adapted to your specific input materials, we integrate different screen solutions into your recycling and reprocessing process. To achieve a defined output quality and ensure optimum value creation of your process, coarse parts, overlengths, fine fractions or interfering foreign objects need to be separated from each other and screened out reliably and safely. We offer a wide product range for this: Oscillating screens, disc screens, star screening machines, drum screens.

All Vecoplan® screen solutions are robustly designed for high availability and reliable use in practice. The maintenance intervals are particularly long, and the servicing, cleaning and changing work, such a changing the screen, are uncomplicated and quick to do. We adapt the different screen solutions to your particular system and integrate them optimally into the material flow and conveying process.

Oscillation screens VSS

Disc separator

Star screening machines

Drum Screen VTS

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