Domestic waste treatment plant - Increased performance through proven shredding technology

FBSerwis, Polen

The Polish company FBSerwis shreds up to 200,000 tons of municipal waste per year and processes it into RDF.


The customer requires a solid and reliable shredding line for the shredding of municipal waste <80 mm and plastic mixtures, with the aim to increase the throughput in the entire wate treatment line as well as the RDF production. The shredding soultion is to be integrated into an already existing RDF line.


Vecoplan has installed a Pre shredder VEZ 2500 T on the existing RDF line for MSW. The installation of the new pre-shredder VVZ 2500 had to be carried out in an existing waste treatment hall and it was related to the replacement of the existing old pre shredder at the facility. Mechanical and electrical installation has been done without any big additional changes on the existing treatment line. All installation process had to be carried out quickly without a loing downtime on the entire facility.


The main goal for the FBSerwis was fulfilled by the VECOPLAN solution. It was to increase the throguhput on the whole waste treatment line and produce more RDF fuel. The powerful pre shredder from VECOPLAN is designed for very high troughput and delivers high-quality and homogeneous putput material.

Performance increase of the municipal waste treatment plant in the Polish company FBSerwis

When it comes to increasing the performance of its municipal waste processing plant, the Polish company FBSerwis Wrocław Sp.zo.o. relies on the proven shredding technology of Vecoplan AG.