Ideal solution for boiler feeding with waste wood

Double H

A plant breeding company in the UK operates a biomass combined heat and power plant and required a reliable and energy-efficient solutionfor feeding a Vyncke boiler with coarse-particle waste wood. A system was created using Vecoplan components which guarantees maximum availability andlow energy consumption.


The plant breeding company implements a sustainable energy strategy in operating its greenhouses. For this reason, the customer was looking for an optimized cost-saving solution to store, dose and convey the fuel material in the form of wood chips from waste wood in an energy-saving manner.


The energy-saving Vecoplan solution fits seamlessly into the sustainable energy concept. The compact overall concept consists of two toploaders, a patented licensed product from Vecoplan, as well as two chain conveyors and a disc screen for excess length separation.


The energy-saving solution from Vecoplan ensures maximum availability and redundancy thanks to the independently operating toploader systems. In addition, the customer benefited from comparatively low construction costs, as no foundation work had to be carried out.

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