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Disc separator, light

3D model of the light disc separator
3D model of the light disc separator

The light version of the disc separator is particularly efficient at separating overlengths from single materials such as dry stabilate (clean fuel for power plants etc. derived from domestic waste), bark, green waste and fresh wood. A horizontal belt conveyor ensures optimum direct feed at the level of the screening shafts. Alternatively, material can also be introduced via a feed hopper in the flow direction. The disc separator consists of a solid sectional steel construction on which the screening shafts, bearings and drive elements are mounted. It can be used for cross cuts of between 30 mm and 500 mm. To prevent jamming, the discs can be flexibly mounted with this version. The separator has a segmental construction – one drive per segment. The number of segments can be adapted to suit your requirements.

The machine is also available with a loosening roller for handling intertwined material (RDF fluff, silage).

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