Advanced plastic waste handling

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Leading companies in the industry will be showcasing technologies and process solutions that significantly increase efficiency in the processing of plastic waste for recycling and reuse. The implementation of innovative technology enables recycling companies to increase the throughput of their plants.

At the same time, they improve the quality and purity of the processed material.

If the value of the secondary raw material is increased, this contributes significantly to making the recycling of plastic waste more economically attractive.

How Vecoplan makes plastics recycling progressive

Approach 1: Energy-efficient processing - keeping an eye on CO2 emissions

Reliable and flexible shredding technology, high availability for maximum throughput and low operating costs are already on the wish list of most plant operators.

In this context, the topic of energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important for replacement and new purchases. After all, a modern drive concept such as the HiTorc from Vecoplan can save up to 60 % energy compared to hydraulic drives.

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Approach 2: Don't be afraid of challenging materials

If the right shredding technology is used, even challenging materials with demanding mechanical and thermal properties can be processed reliably. To do this, a shredder must be adapted to the material in terms of rotor geometry. This ensures continuous throughput and homogeneous output grain sizes.

With more than 2,000 documented test trials, Vecoplan has the proven expertise and the right technology.

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Approach 3: Process stability in recyclate production

In the production of secondary raw materials, the various process steps are usually mapped in a line. To ensure that the material continuously passes through the individual stations, a reliable throughput rate and consistent output quality must be guaranteed right from the start of processing - during shredding.

The example of the recycling company General Industries Deutschland (GID) shows how Vecoplan has successfully implemented this requirement:

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Approach 4: Shredding, separating and CLEANING - all from a single source

To make material ready for the extruder in the recycling process, the plastic waste must be freed of impurities after shredding. This is the only way to obtain high-quality recyclates.

Vecoplan has developed a pioneering cleaning process for films and thin-walled rigid plastics (LPDE, HDPE and PP) and has built an impressive demonstration and test facility, the "Cleanic", near its headquarters in Bad Marienberg.

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You can find more information in our press article.


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