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Success story: How Plevin processes waste wood for the E.ON biomass power plant

R Plevin & Sons Ltd., one of the biggest wood recyclers in Great Britain, supplies high-quality biomass wood chips made from recycled waste wood. The biomass is supplied to a local 30-MW biomass combined heat and power plant (CHP) in Sheffield, UK.

Fuel for a 30-MW biomass CHP

The CHP plant provides electricity for approx. 40,000 homes and is ready to feed hot water into a district heat network. To ensure that the power plant operates with maximum safety and efficiency, the fuel is subject to stringent performance overall process quality requirements in terms of purity and degree of size reduction.

Vecoplan has implemented a suitable plant with high output quality and maximum energy efficiency. The plant performance totally fulfils the requirements of Plevin’s customer to ensure compliance with all contractual obligations.

The requirements for the material

Input = Waste wood

  • From an extremely wide range of sources and disposal areas
  • Includes foreign objects (metal, non-metal)


Output = High-quality fuel wood chips

  • Defined fuel wood chip size between 4 and 100 mm
  • Free from metallic and non-metallic foreign objects
  • With minimum proportion of fine material portion
  • Complies with the fuel quality defined by Plevin

High-performance overall process

Completely from a single source

The entire plant was designed and implemented by Vecoplan as a complete provider. Intensive on-site support was ensured by contacts at the Vecoplan Ltd. at all times.

The scope of service:

  • Consulting
  • Project planning
  • Delivery of machines
  • Installation
  • Commissioning

All Vecoplan components in the Plevin waste wood processing plant are harmonised with each other in the overall process and designed for performance, efficiency and output quality. With a capacity of up to 80 t/h, the plant in Hazlehead is one of the most powerful in Great Britain. The Vecoplan components include:

High performance, high efficiency

Re shredder VNZ

  • Special double-shaft re shredder for the re shredding of pre shredderd waste wood
  • Adapted for re-shredding as well as single-stage shredding
  • Minimising of fines production by slow speed rotors re shredding (only 160 rpm)
  • It is also possible to feed the re shredder directly with unshredded material
  • Inclusive HiTorc-Drive (reduces the power consumption by up to 40 %)
As Engineering Manager, I was convinced that the slow speed re-shredding offered by Vecoplan, was key to minimising fines production. Vecoplan's solution is also incredibly efficient, thanks to their HiTorc-Drive technology. The entire plant is fully automated and can exceed the specified 60 tph.
Steve Ellison , Plevin
Plevin Engineering Director

Oriented to customer's benefits

Only shortly before the contract was awarded Plevin asked Vecoplan about an overall solution for a high-performance, efficient waste wood processing plant with high output quality and minimum fines production. On the basis of leading recycling and shredding technology, a corresponding plant was designed, implemented quickly and placed in service. The result: All the requirements were met and surpassed.

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  • Compliance with the specified fuel requirements:
    – Fuel wood chip size between 4 and 100 mm
    – Minimum proportion of fine material
    – Free of foreign objects
  • High energy efficiency of the entire plant
  • Intensive consulting and support by Vecoplan
  • Contacts on site through the UK subsidiary

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