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Screw conveyors (types: FSM, FSS and DFS) are used for dosed and uniform transportation of bulk materials, granular materials, small lumps, and also semi-moist and fibrous materials. Installation can be horizontal or at an incline. Depending on the application, screw conveyors can have one or more shafts.

Double screw conveyors:
Delivery rate: up to 700 m³/h
Conveying diameter: 2 x 250 to 2 x 630 mm

Benefits in brief

  • Simple, compact, sturdy design
  • The material to be conveyed can be loaded at any chosen position
  • Sturdy, torsion-resistant steel construction
  • Full flight welded to the screw shaft
  • Up to 10 m long, double shaft bearings
  • Individual choice of materials and wear lining on request
  • Long service life, low maintenance
  • ATEX approval category 1

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