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Screw conveyors

Bulk material reaches its destination well dosed, thoroughly mixed and evenly transported - that is why screw conveyors are particularly suitable for use in cement production plants. But semi-moist and fibrous materials can also be transported – it's all a question of the design. Depending on the application, screw conveyors can have one or more shafts, and can be horizontal or inclined.

Key features of screw conveyors:

  • simple, compact and rugged design
  • the material to be conveyed can be loaded at any chosen position
  • sturdy, torsion-resistant steel construction
  • full flight welded to the screw shaft
  • individual choice of materials and wear lining on request
  • long service life, low maintenance

Single screw delivery rate: 5 to 350 m³/h
Conveying diameter: 250 to 630 mm

Double screw conveyor delivery rate: up to 700 m³/h
Conveying diameter: 2 x 250 to 2 x 630 mm

Explore the models:

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