Why you should visit IFAT

Silvia Feder, Leitung Marketing
Vecoplan to exhibit at the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste & raw materials management

IFAT is the world’s leading trade fair and the most important meeting platform for the water, sewage, waste and raw materials industries. This year, it will be held in Munich from 30 May to 3 June. As an expert in turnkey mechanical processing plants in the recycling industry, Vecoplan will satisfy the expectations of the international trade public with exciting new solutions and products.

Why your visit will prove rewarding

Have you also missed the personal contact and discussions in the past two years? Covid-19 almost paralysed the trade fair world, and professionals know that there’s no substitute for personal contact with existing and potential customers – an approach that we at Vecoplan have always cultivated.

Trade shows give us the opportunity to demonstrate our solutions and convince you of our problem-solving skills.

IFAT 2018, for exapmle, was also one of the most successful trade fairs in Vecoplan’s history. We gained many new customers, closed out several notable contracts and launched our VEZ 3200 RDF (refuse-derived fuel) shredder.


Sustainable use of resources

The production of goods and commodities generates harmful greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions that intensify the natural greenhouse effect. This inevitably leads to temperature changes and has far-reaching consequences for our climate. However, the responsible handling of waste and residual materials can considerably reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is a megatrend and one of the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Instead of simply using and discarding items, we should re-use them several times. We must succeed in using resources sensibly and sustainably, despite steadily increasing amounts of waste. We can reduce the demand for resources by adopting a circular economy, where we use existing materials and products as long as possible, repair them, refurbish them and recycle them. As a leading supplier of machinery and equipment for processing primary and secondary raw materials for thermal and material recycling, we offer the foundation on which a recycling system can function efficiently. We develop shredding, conveying, screening, separating, and storage technology solutions as your partner. You get everything from a single source, Made in Germany. We specifically tailor your plants to match your requirements. In the case of shredders, we can draw on over 3,000 documented tests conducted in our modern technology centre. We can also arrange test trials for your specific input material. This technological edge will enable you to process even demanding materials into a high-quality output – with high throughput.


So why we are now once again focusing on personal contact events?

We also organised several virtual events during the Covid-19 pandemic to maintain our dialogue with our customers and present solutions and innovations to an interested professional public. Although these events were highly successful, and the new online format was well received, discussions with our target group quickly showed us that a purely digital event could not simply replace face-to-face conversations and intensive networking. This is why Vecoplan has decided to exhibit again in the future at national and international events, where we want to face the most pressing questions and challenges personally.

This is our ‘kick-off’ for IFAT 2022: Our trade fair presence will address all companies, individuals, and institutions seeking efficient solutions to recycle secondary raw materials.

What we will be exhibiting

Visitors will experience a world premiere at our 270 m2 booth. We have entirely redesigned our VAZ single-shaft shredder using the latest industrial design standards. Besides its impressive technical features, the shredder also boasts a modular design, so the series can now be used for many different applications.

We will also be exhibiting our VRZ series shredder. This dual-shaft machine’s main feature is its rotors, equipped with sickle-shaped ripper teeth instead of conventional cutting tools. The VRZ series can even be used to break up and shred bulky and contaminated materials safely. The usage scenarios of the VRZ series are multifaceted, ranging from the processing of domestic & commercial waste and post-consumer & post-industrial plastic waste to the pre-shredding of waste wood. Yet another exhibition highlight will be the power-packed and high-performance VEZ 3200, which we already presented live in 2019. The VEZ 3200 is a single-shaft shredder equipped with the virtually maintenance-free and proven HiTorc drive, which also deals masterfully with impurities in the input material. This shredder is exceptionally reliable and powerful, tackling even the most difficult, impurity-laden material streams in pre-shredding and single-stage shredding.

Vecoplan will also be presenting solutions for mechanical processing and material handling. The product range includes powerful single machines and systems for the various mechanical preparation processes and entire complex plants. Our specialists optimise the material flow and coordinate the components along the complete processing line, achieving stability, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Users benefit from Vecoplan’s know-how and international project experience.


What makes a visit to IFAT 2022 worthwhile?

We will be presenting three machines working in live scenarios – including an actual world premiere. We will also show you the next stage of our digital connectivity. Our highly motivated experts and sales professionals at our booth are already looking forward to your questions, stimulating discussions, and rewarding conversations! Visit us in Hall B5, Booth 229/328.

You don’t have a ticket yet? We cordially invite you to visit us! Click here and request your code for free admission to the exhibition.

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