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Demanding materials require outstanding shredding technology

The single-shaft slow-speed rotor can be used in an interdisciplinary manner. In addition to its use in waste processing for the production of substitute fuels, it has proven itself in the recycling of CLT production timber. For example, the VAZ high-performance shredder can handle the shredding of massive, large-sized CLT residues.

Ecological alternative building material on the rise

Challenging residual material processing

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a solid wood that can even replace concrete and steel in ceilings, roofs, walls and stairs.

Multi-storey buildings are now also being built with this material. The building material gets its strength from cross-laminated timber. However, it is precisely this strength and the enormous dimensions of CLT products that make it extremely difficult to process the waste materials produced.

Conventional shredding using chippers reaches its limits

In the primary industry and in the processing of primary wood, our chippers are generally used in the treatment process of wood waste to produce wood chips. These cannot shred the challenging CLT material due to its strength, but also due to the sometimes larger dimensions of the input.

Interdisciplinary and thinking outside the box

Vecoplan benefits from the expertise and technology from the Recycling | Waste division for this special material – with the high-performance shredder of the VAZ series, for instance, that is used in challenging waste applications. This single-shaft, slow-running machine can shred these solid, large-sized, and relatively strong residual timbers. Grain sizes smaller than 20 millimetres can be achieved in one single-stage process. The plant operator can use the shredded material for thermal recycling, but he can also use it to produce briquettes or pellets. It’s type-sorted, free of extraneous materials and dry.

At Vecoplan, we can adapt solutions from other industries to the respective usage scenario, such as recycling – without having to pay for the learning process. That’s also what makes us so competitive – or even better, it sets us apart from many of our market competitors. This enables us to find the right technique, even for materials that are very difficult to handle.
Kersten Beib , Vecoplan AG
Head of Sales Wood | Biomass

Your challenges

Sawmills generally use chippers to process wood waste. However, these cannot shred the material properly. A shredder that was originally developed for demanding waste applications is also suitable for CLT waste.

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