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VDS 800

The VECOPLAN Data Shredder VDS 800 is designed for shredding of hard disks and other magnetic and optical data carriers, like magnetic tapes, CDs and disks. The data carriers are mechanically shredded thus sensitive data are effectively and irreversibly destroyed. Determination of different particle sizes corresponding to different security levels by use of various screen hole sizes.

Due to its encapsulated design the VDS 800 contributes to reduced noise emissions during operation. All product contact parts are made of stainless steel, preventing the adhesion of magnets from the hard drives inside the machine. Delivery includes an antimagnetic material collecting container.

The loading is effected via closable infeed hopper which can be rotated by 180° depending on installation. A particular advantage of the machine is that due to the possibility for batch loading even with large amounts of up to 30 kgs personnel costs can be reduced.

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