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The Vecoplan bag opener is characterized by:

  • Motor power 2x 82 kW
  • Throughput capacity 25,000 kg/h – 100,000 kg/h depending on bulk density of the input material
  • Throughput capacity with light-weight packagings (LVP) approx. 35,000 kg/h with a bulk density of 125 kg/m³
  • Low standstill times due to interchangeable cutting unit
  • Low maintenance and service requirements
  • Energy savings of up to 60 % compared to conventional drives
  • Compact design
  • Auxiliary devices, such as e.g. „hold down devices“ and tilting hoppers are not required



The bag opener is used to open rubbish bags from plastics and/or bag-in-bag material (e.g. „Green Dot“ products ->Yellow Bags), without shredding their contents. Thus the downstream processes are provided with material easy to sort.

The cutting unit of the bag opener is equipped with beaters that are welded to the two rotors, which engage in the open and solid cutting frame.  Due to the open construction of the cutting frame the cutting unit is insensitive to foreign materials such as stones or palm-sized metal pieces.

Since the cutting frame and the rotors are interchangeable, maintenance work like reinforcing welding work can be conducted outside the machine. This significantly reduces the downtime of the plant

To drive the rotors Vecoplan® relies on the energy-efficient, dynamic, high-speed and high-torque HiTorc® drives. These have no mechanical elements such as belt drives, couplings or hydraulic units. Compared to hydraulic drives, which are generally installed in competitive products, this means almost no maintenance work. 


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