Pre-shredding is a central process in the waste and recycling industry. This phase of material management plays a crucial role in the overall process of waste processing and treatment. It involves bringing the incoming waste stream into a manageable and homogeneous form before it is fed to further processing steps. The process begins with the material feed, where the waste stream to be processed is fed into the plant. This can include a variety of materials, such as plastics, wood, biomass or metals. In this phase, the material is shredded into smaller pieces or particles using shredders, granulators or hammer mills. The shredded materials are homogenised in this phase to achieve a uniform texture. This is crucial to ensure the efficiency and quality of the subsequent processing steps. Any foreign bodies or impurities that may be present are separated out by specific
separation processes. This ensures the purity of the end product and prevents damage to downstream machinery or equipment.