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The history of the German, European and international development of the wood, waste and recycling industry goes hand in hand with the Vecoplan company history. Since 1969, the company founders have recognised the increasing importance of sustainable management in the industrial sector. The focus was initially on the mechanical recycling of raw and waste materials in the wood sector; the company was quick to pioneer waste management and recycling technologies in the overall sector.

Stages in Vecoplan’s corporate development:

The company is founded in Bad Marienberg (Westerwald). First deliveries of machines and systems to the sawmill and furniture industry.
Delivery of the first complete wood recycling plant.
Start of in-house production at company headquarters in Bad Marienberg.
Successful entry into recycling markets such as plastics, paper and waste.
Vecoplan® becomes a subsidiary of MAX Automation AG in Düsseldorf.
Vecoplan® opens a technical centre to enable the processing of waste and raw materials to be demonstrated under realistic conditions. Here 74 different machine combinations are available for conducting test series for customers, and also for training courses and, of course, internal testing by the research and development department.
Exports increase to 50% of total sales
On 1 October 2000, the new subsidiary, Vecoplan LLC, now based in Archdale North Carolina (USA), is established and successfully integrated into business operations for the North American market.
A new production facility (2,500 m²) is built at Vecoplan's headquarters in Bad Marienberg. The company premises now occupy some 24,000 m², with approx. 9,100 m² of manufacturing and storage facilities and 2,500 m² of office space.
The purchase of more buildings (Plant 2) increases the size of the Bad Marienberg site to 36,500 m², with approx. 14,000 m² of manufacturing and storage facilities and 3,500 m² of office space.
The new subsidiary, Vecoplan Midwest LLC now based in New Albany, Indiana
The start of 2008 sees the newly established Vecoplan® Limited (Birmingham) begin operations. Its main role is coordinating the sales activities of Vecoplan AG in the Great Britain.
The new subsidiary, Vecoplan Austria now based in Wien.
On 1 June 2012, the subsidiary Vecoplan Iberica S.L. with head office in Mungia, Biscay, is founded and business operations for the Spanish and South-American markets are driven forward
Opening of the world’s largest and most advanced development centre in the field of environmental technology.
The new subsidiary, Vecoplan Polska now based in Warszawa.

Ideas, engineering, customer focus...

Technology history

Ultimately, the experience and knowledge gained from decades of ongoing technological development are behind all Vecoplan solutions, machines and systems.  Inspired by customer and market requirements and challenges, Vecoplan has developed ideas and innovations that have set new standards time and again. Patented solutions benefiting customers to date represent many milestones in the history of Vecoplan technology.

Stages in Vecoplan’s technology development:

Development of the drum chipper with centrifugal wedge knife attachment system.
Market launch of the combined loading and unloading conveyor for bulk material plants. The storage and loading of saw mill residues such as saw dust and wood chips is significantly improved.
Market launch of the universal recyclables shredder / single-shaft shredder of the "VAZ" series. An absolute world first which enabled solutions for processing waste wood and used pallets and crates contaminated with screws and metal fittings.
Market launch of a freely suspended plansifter and screening system.
Market launch of the universal rotor for shredders. Previously different materials required different rotor systems, but it is now possible to shred all materials with a single cutting unit.
Development of the flipper for single-shaft shredders increases operational safety and availability when shredding heavily contaminated material streams.
Development of the foreign matter separator for shredded packaging waste.
Development of a double-shaft shredder with flipper. This increases the availability of the machine: automatic shutdown in the event of a malfunction protects the cutting unit from damage. Foreign objects can be removed simply and safely.
A new cutting unit for synthetic fibres and tear-resistant films makes energy-efficient shredding of problematic waste materials possible for the first time.
Market launch of a high-performance shredder for industrial processing of domestic and commercial waste
Vecoplan is granted another patent for the highly efficient HiTorc® drive. The advantages for our customers: an increase in the machine's throughput capacity together with both a reduction in energy consumption and maintenance costs as well as greater operational safety. The drive is virtually silent, too.
Development for detecting foreign objects for shredders with HiTorc® drive.
Development of the Tornado double-shaft pre-crusher with powerful shredding unit.
Development of a double-shaft pre-crusher with HiTorc® drive.
Launch of the VEBS for producing alternative fuel from production waste to generate energy for cement works and power stations.
With its new development Vecobelt, Vecoplan® sets new standards in conveyor technology. The tubular belt conveyor is ideal for conveying bulk materials over long distances on horizontal or slightly sloping lines.
Market launch of the Vecoplan solution for digital data destruction. The high-performance VDS 800 fully meets the new DIN standard for magnetic, electronic and optical data carriers. The newly developed high-performance shredder is a powerful machine available in three variants for the production of alternative fuels for use in cement works and power plants. In the same year, with the V-ECO series, Vecoplan develops a new shredding component which can be flexibly integrated into existing systems and which is tailored for a wide range of applications.
At the world's leading trade fair IFAT 2016, Vecoplan presented alongside the high performance re-shredder, its newly developed, perfect partner for pre-shredding untreated waste such as commercial and industrial waste, as well. Pre Shredder (VVZ) for RDF-preparation. Bag opener (VSA) for the recycling industrie. VTH combined shredder-granulator for plastics inhouse recycling.
Launch of the new VAZ-series for the timber industry.
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