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Lockdown does not mean KnockOUT

Following the motto "More than shredding", we will be presenting live from our
technology center recycling and processing technologies in its entirety.

Day 1: Wednesday, 27th May 2020

09.30 am – 10.00 am / Session 1 – Solutions for sustainable waste treatment

The use of alternative fuels in the energy-intensive cement industry offers a win-win situation for all concerned – cement manufacturers, local communities and the environment. It not only conserves fossil fuel resources but also actively reduces CO2 emissions during the energy-intensive cement production. The input material is waste from municipal landfill sites, domestic waste from private households and commercial and industrial waste. Vecoplan is the market leader when it comes to sustainable treatment of these waste fractions, which are often very different in composition. Vecoplan’s shredders meet high quality standards for output material, and its handling systems ensure a continuous supply.

During the live session we will present examples of successful technologies for shredding, conveying and storage, as well as our competence in planning and implementation of complete systems for sustainable waste treatment.

Our team of experts: Tim Hamer / Wolfram Zschiesche

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10.15 am – 10.45 am / Session 2 – Economical and flexible alternative fuel handling solutions

Cement industry and its cement production is under continuous economic and ecological pressure. Reducing fuel cost and cutting the CO2 emission are the top requirements.

Increased use of alternative fuels is the right answer for both topics.
The key is to have well-designed processing systems that are adapted to the special requirements of the industry. Optimum fuel processing should consider the following four phases:

  • thorough analysis of the input material
  • custom design of a modular system for alternative fuel handling
  • selection of suitable transport, storage and dosing systems
  • implementation of parameters for safe, sustainable integration of alternative fuel in the process


The live session will feature examples from actual practice about how Vecoplan AG supports its customers with its broad expertise in each of these four phases.

Our team of experts: Tim Hamer / Wolfram Zschiesche

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11.00 am – 12.00 am / Session 3 – Successful recycling – processing systems for plastics recycling

Recycling of production waste is an extremely economical solution for companies. Scrap can be processed into regrind and returned to the production cycle, where it has almost the same quality as new material. However, recycling systems only work well if the shredded waste is homogeneous. In addition, users must optimise their internal processes in order to cut costs and significantly increase their productivity. Processing of plastic waste is significantly improved through coordination of the system components. In mechanical processing this includes shredding, feeding and discharge of material, separation, storage and dosing.

Vecoplan AG is an expert when it comes to overall concepts for successful plastics recycling, with many years of experience. In our live session we will show how individual components work together in mechanical processing to achieve the optimal output.

Our team of experts: Daniel Wienand / Philipp Güth

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Day 2: Thursday, 28th May 2020

09.30 am – 10.30 am / Session 4 – Modern shredding solutions for waste & alternative fuels

The result of efficient preparation in the production of refuse derived fuel is the highly enriched caloric fraction with a lump size that is optimized for the combustion process. The decisive factor to achieve this goal is the optimal shredding of input material, which can have a wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures. Only then, the downstream processes such as screening and separating can be carried out with the necessary care. Vecoplan offers the appropriate shredding solutions for most different requirements. 

During the live session we will show our shredders for pre- and re-shredding as well as for single-stage shredding. One of the highlights: with the VRZ machine we are presenting a new type of pre-shredding using the shear method.

Our team of experts: Wolfram Zschiesche / Heiko Kessler

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11.00 am – 12.00 am / Session 5 – New requirements and solutions for the pre-treatment in plastics recycling

Hardly any material is as versatile in its properties as plastics: yarns, nonwovens, film, hard plastics, … We could endlessly continue the list.
This also means extreme challenges for the mechanical pre-treatment of plastics within the material recycling process. In order to find the best solution for special applications, we work closely together with our customers. Thanks to more than 50 years of experience in shredding technology and the intensive coordination with the user, we are able to configure the appropriate machines and thus guarantee the perfect output material.

Vecoplan shredders are definitely a benchmark when it comes to mechanical processing of plastics. In the live session our experts will convince you of the variety and performance of our product portfolio.

Our team of experts: Daniel Wienand / Philipp Güth

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Day 3: Friday, 29th May 2020

10.00 am – 11.00 am / Session 6 – Live Shredding

Nothing is more convincing than the evidence. This is continuously delivered through test shredding in our state-of-the-art technology center. Here are some of our most successful shredders waiting to shred the input material from customers and interested parties under the critical eyes of users and our experts. Cameras transfer live images from the interior of the machine onto a large presentation screen and the Vecoplan Machine Interface (VMI) during shredding. Extensive examinations of the input and output material can be carried out in the connected laboratory.

Visit our technology center online during the Vecoplan 360-Degree Days. With PP big bags, solid PE-LD lumps, PE-HD lumps, PE-LD film and PET yarns, we have selected five challenging plastic materials that we will shred for you live and that will for sure convince you of the performance of our machines.

During this live session our team of experts supports you with exciting background information and lots of pictures.

Our team of experts: Cathrine Rekett / Timo Lichtenthäler

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If you are not able to participate in our sessions due to scheduling reasons,
please arrange an individual consultation appointment now.

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