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Wood - discover it, realise it, use it.

Following the motto "Wood in motion", we will be presenting live from our
technology center our solutions for the wood processing industry and biomass sector.

Day 1: WEDNESDAY, 09th September 2020

09.00 am – 09.30 am / Session 1 – VHZ - The economical and adaptable shredder

The wood industry is constantly faced by the challenge of efficiently disposing wood cuttings and wood waste. For the various requirements, Vecoplan has an ecological and economical solution in its scope of supply, which is the VHZ-series. Vecoplan systems save transport and disposal costs and at the same time produce a high-quality product with an optimal ecological balance.  

During our live session, we will show you how you can save money at high performance through innovative and proven technology and how wood waste can be turned into an energy source.

Our team of experts: Patrick Pfeiffer, Dimitrios Eklemes

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10.00 am – 10.45 am / Session 2 – „Live Shredding“ - From wood waste to raw material

Look forward to our VHZ-series with the VHZ 1100 XL, which is perfectly suitable for the shredding of carpentry and sawmill wood waste.

Furthermore, we will present the VHZ 1600, the “big brother”, with a motor power of 90 kW and 111 concave cutters who is also equipped with our new VPC (Vecoplan Pallet Crusher). This combination can shred bulky materials, such as complete disposable pallets, within an impressive time and also offers pre-crushing and re-shredding in one single operation.

In this live shredding demonstration, we will show you how and with which system everyday wood residues can be efficiently shredded to produce a high-quality product. Find out how a raw material for new products is created from waste wood in just one single work step.

Our team of experts: Patrick Pfeiffer, Dimitrios Eklemes

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Day 2: THURSDAY, 10th September 2020

09.00 am – 09.30 am / Session 3 – Economical and flexible solutions in sawmill waste disposal and processing

Sawmills, both industrial and small and medium-sized companies, are constantly under pressure in regards to costs and competiveness. It is therefore all the more important that the disposal and preparation of the sawmill wood waste is done economically and flexibly.

Vecoplan supplies tailor-made systems and customer-specific solutions for every application:

  • Planning in close cooperation with the customer
  • A concept of a system which is designed according to customers’ requirements
  • Selection of the appropriate machines and systems

In our live session, we will show you how Vecoplan has realized solutions in cooperation with the customer through practical examples. 

Our team of experts: Michael Mützel, Wolfgang Schlaug

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10.00 am – 10.30 am / Session 4 – Biomass fuels - efficient handling and storing

Alternative energy sources to fossil fuels for the production of electricity and heat are existential. Today, about 33% of the electricity in Germany is generated from renewable sources and the number is constantly increasing.

This results in ever increasing demands on the material specifications for the feeding of biomass power plants:

  • Increased boiler efficiency results in lower tolerances for the fuel
  • an increasing demand for materials ensures that new sources result in more inhomogeneous input materials
  • The customer demand for availability continuously increases

Vecoplan has been active in the market for over 50 years and offers customer-oriented complete solutions, including corresponding new developments.

In our live session, we would like to give interested parties both an overview and concrete examples of material processing and storage of processed waste and residual wood for supplying biomass power plants.

Included topics: Storage technology / Shredding technology / Screening / Conveying technology / Truck reception station

Our team of experts: Ralf Rosenkranz, Steffen Krämer

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If you are not able to participate in our sessions due to scheduling reasons,
please arrange an individual consultation appointment now.

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