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The extensive work carried out developing the V-ECO will pay off for you. In every aspect of performance, quality, reliability and profitability, the Vecoplan® shredder will offer you outstanding advantages from which you will benefit in the short, medium and longer term. 


The V-ECO is the high-performance, highly flexible specialist for plastics shredding. Based on the latest, reliable technology, the V-ECO offers a range of possibilities and shreds a wide range of plastic input into high-quality, homogeneous output.

Thanks to its various uses, you only need one shredder for all plastics. That saves time and money. The V-ECO is easy to integrate into existing systems at a low cost and adapts to different fractions simply by changing the screen.

• The entire V-ECO product series is specially designed for plastics shredding
• One shredder for all plastics
• Shreds a wide range of plastics using a simple, quick screen change
• Films, hard plastics, tissue and fibres
• From the following areas: agricultural, post-consumer, post-industrial, inhouse


The V-ECO series is a completely new development from Vecoplan®. Maximum customer benefits were at the focus of the development engineering. Every detail was designed to make the system consistently highly efficient in terms of performance and profitability.

• Developed for efficiency in every last detail
• Particularly low energy consumption due to speed adjustment to input, and sparing, frequency-controlled direct belt drive (ESC drive)
• High efficiency in the process thanks to intelligent use of modern cutting and rotor technology



The entire V-ECO machine design is adapted to use in practice. Particular importance was laid on the compact machine design. Reducing its design to only the essential parts minimises component failure, optimises material flow and facilitates the servicing and maintenance work for users thanks to its highly accessible design.

• Compact machine design
• Low space requirement
• Quiet running
• Low noise emissions
• Large maintenance doors
• Optimal accessibility
• Easy to clean


Tailored for high performance. All V-ECO components are extensively designed and developed to combine high throughput with maximum output quality, no matter what the plastic input. The control system, drive, rotor, knife, floor and slider are consistently adapted to each other in the shredding process. You benefit from maximum value creation.

• Intelligent technology down to the last detail
• Designed for high throughput
• Maximum output quality
• Significantly smaller fine fraction compared to competitor products
• All-in-all the quickest payback on your investment!


Project: Big Bag recycling, material production

Task: Shredding of contaminated big bags from the glass and ceramics industry as a mono-load

Performance: 2.5 tonnes/hour, up to 7,000 tonnes/year in single shift operation

Solution: Complete system V-ECO 1700 with W-rotor

Outputmaterial: Even grain size, low losses from fine fractions, Europe-wide marketing in ball form (for PP products, recyclates)

Vecoplan services:

• Planning, delivery, steel construction, assembly, commissioning
• Connection to Vecoplan Live Service, online monitoring

V-ECO complete system:

• V-ECO 1700 with W-rotor (Big bag profile) at 132 kW
• Complete conveyor technology
• Chain-belt conveyor with controlled filling level
• Integrated maintenance manager (highest availability,lowest operating costs)


As the only machine to offer this on the market, the Vecoplan V-ECO 1700 enables polypropylene big bags to be produced in high quantitiesand at the best quality, all very efficiently.

Leandro Gimena, General Manager CTR


Project: In-house agrigultural film recycling

Task: Shredding of post-consumer PE-LLD and PE-LD agricultural film. In-feed as balls or loose. Then re-processing, re-granulation and return to the production process.

Performance: 1.5 tonnes/hour at at speed of 30%, up to 4,000 tonnes/year in single shift operation. Output reserve from increasing speed depending on wear Therefore high reliability despite extremely abrasive material.

Solution: V-ECO 1700 with W-rotor

Output material: Narrow grain-size range with low fine fraction

Vecoplan services:

• Planning
• Delivery
• Steel structure
• Assembly
• Commissioning

V-ECO complete system:

• V-ECO 1700 with W-rotor
• Complete conveyor technology

Our old shredder completely failed. Vecoplan was able to supply us with a V-ECO within 1 week so we could continue our production operations. We were all surprised how quietly the V-ECO runs, yet it doubles the throughput rate of its predecessor and still keeps output reserves ready.

Mathias Nilsson, Managing Director Miljösäck AB




Case Kaskada

Case Kaskada

For the Bulgarian recycler Kaskada OOD we made the impossible come true: The reprocessing of film with the most difficult contaminants into high-purity granulates for profitable sales and usage! The Vecoplan washing and recycling system was fully assembled in just 10 days and since then it has been producing continuously and reliable.

Case VEZ 2500 T V EN

Case VEZ 2500 T V EN

Count on Vecoplan® and VEZ 2500 T V for pre-shredding your alternative fuel. Keep on reaping the benefits from robust construction, the latest, partly patented technology and interplay of VEZ pre- and re-shredding in on production line.

Case VEZ 2500 T TT EN

Case VEZ 2500 T TT EN

In Turkey, Vecoplan® installed a highly modern and extremely productive RDF processing plant for the waste recycler RDF Kontamine. Using the specialist RDF shredder VVZ 250T and two VEZ 2500 TT re-shredders, RDF Kontamine achieves an hourly output of 35 tonnes of fuel. The complete system is designed for optimum fuel quality and minimum operating costs for the supply of a cement works.

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