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Running smoothly…
Vecoplan technologies ensure
trouble-free processing

We have the perfect systems for processing wood residue and biomass for thermal utilisation or as a raw material.

Find out about our capabilities and benefit from our 50 years of experience!

  • Shredding
  • Conveying
  • Separating
  • Storing
  • Dosing

Effcient processing
of raw and residual materials

Complete your materials cycle and increase your profitability with intelligent wood shredding, screening, conveying and storage technology. Optimise process variables along your value chain with our compatible individual components and complete plant solutions.
As a leading specialist for the development and production of shredding technology and plant systems, we offer you a wide range of products and services.

| 1 | Feeding

Reliable conveying systems that guarantee a uniform quantity are of enormous importance for the feeding of wood and biomass chippers. Vecoplan conveyor belts and vibratory conveyors are excellently suited to this task, not only due to their high conveying capacity, but also thanks to their low-maintenance continuous operation.

| 2 | Shredding

Vecoplan chippers convince users with their enormous throughput capacities and a variety of sizes and rotor sizes for the most diverse applications. They are used successfully to produce a range of end products, from fuel chips for energy generation to quality chips for the cellulose industry.



| 3 | Screening

Depending on the individual feed material, we integrate various screening solutions into a wood-preparation process. Coarse parts, excess lengths, fine particles and foreign bodies must be reliably separated to achieve the defined output quality.

| 4 | Storage

Storage systems play a decisive role in complex processing plants. They guarantee continuous material availability, accelerating the material flow. Dierent Vecoplan systems are used, depending on the desired storage volume and material properties. Vecoplan oers various solutions to meet any customer requirements.


| 5 | Conveying

You can only complete your materials cycle eciently with the right conveyor technology. We design conveyor systems that are tailored to the specific requirements of our customers in terms of material flows and process chains. To achieve this, you can rely on our wide range of products and systems.

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