Plastics • Plastics –for some, it is just that - for us, it is a resource. • Vecoplan AG

Plastics –for some, it is just that - for us, it is a resource.

Bottle caps made of plastics

Plastic is environment protection! Conserve resources, save energy. Technical plastics are largely made of crude oil. Due to their technical characteristics, production remains from plastics and sorted plastics are highly suitable for economic recycling. Thus, the recycling of plastic materials helps significantly to preserve crude oil resources and to manufacture new products economically. Our customers use VECOPLAN shredding technology to win homogenous fraction of grain sizes perfectly fitted for recycling purposes from production waste, mixed plastic materials, plastic films, transport containers (IBC) and tubes. We take on the technologically challenging task to shred even the most difficult commodities such as highly tear-resistant synthetic fibres, airbags, big bags, textiles, ropes and laces. Constantly in dialogue with our customers, we are always ready to take on new challenges. Using our own innovative technological developments, e. g. the film and fibre rotor, even these materials are easily shredded with a minimum of energy expenditure.

In the interest of our clients we are looking for the best solution for any application and any project.

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Solutions for the processing of:

  • Mixed plastics
  • Manufacturing waste
  • Films and foils
  • Belts
  • Start-up lump
  • Containers
  • PET bottles
  • Fibres
  • Filaments

Market brochure Plastics:

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