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Recycle plastics in the most profitable way. Using technologies and processes that focus on performance, quality, reliability and therefore profitability. It starts with shredding. We are a leading specialist in this and can offer and develop solutions for you for nearly every material from the areas of agriculture, in-house, post-consumer and post-industrial (air bags, big bags, tapes, films, fibres and filaments, IBCs, mixed plastics, meshes, production rejects (HDPE) etc.). We can also design and implement for you complete recycling plants including conveying technology, screening technology and separating, dosing and storage systems. Special highlight: With the new Vecoplan washing technology Vecodyn, you can recycle heavily soiled plastics into output material with a high purity grade for immediate further processing.

Solutions for all Input-Material
Mixed plastics
Production waste
Big Bags
Plastics container

Case Non Woven EN

Case Non Woven EN

For the high-precision cutting of extremely fine filaments, yarns and big bags, Vecoplan designed two shredders for a single customer. The main focus lay on the extremely precise cutting technology and a fully closed housing. The Vecoplan shredder VAZ 1600 XLMFFT masters both.



In Turkey, Vecoplan® installed a highly modern and extremely productive RDF processing plant for the waste recycler RDF Kontamine. Using the specialist RDF shredder VVZ 250T and two VEZ 2500 TT re-shredders, RDF Kontamine achieves an hourly output of 35 tonnes of fuel. The complete system is designed for optimum fuel quality and minimum operating costs for the supply of a cement works.

Case Hard Plastic

Case Hard Plastic

Vecoplan® has implemented a system for shredding hard plastics for an austrian recycling company. The challenge when shredding cans, buckets and detergent bottles, for example, is foreign objects. In the past they had to be removed in a way that was time- consuming and costly. The Vecoplan® high performance shredder VAZ 2500 has put an end to this.

The bag opener is used to open rubbish bags from plastics
Vecoplan supports ghost net recycling with its processing technology

Products for recycling and waste processing

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VHD 1600

Maximum stability for the highest levels of reliability and performance

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