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Washing technology: 100% clean washing

If you want to be able to recycle soiled and heavily soiled plastics such as films, stretch film, hard plastics, packaging, and technical plastics in the most profitable way possible, Vecoplan offers you a high-performance washing system that opens up entirely new possibilities for plastic reprocessing. No system on the market achieves washing results like this. This is a real USP and the basis for optimum profitability. All modules of the individually configurable system are adapted to helping produce a perfect washing and recycling result. You benefit from 100 % cleaner output material which, as high-quality raw material, can be processed further directly in extrusion and granulation processes – at the same time as reducing your process costs by 25 % compared to conventional systems.


The process can be adapted to the customer’s material and process by the several, modular designed Vecoplan systems and components– the specifications of the output material are adjusted in detail therein.


    E=Efficient shredding
    C=Compact design
    O=Outstanding performance

    + Incredible throughput rates
    + Extremly low operational costs
    + Highest availability
    + Consistant output quality
    + Low fines fraction (less losses)
    + Countless more benefits you cannot afford to ignore
    = Proven rapid Return on Investment



    The plastic storing is a specially designed buffer storage system that ensures a constant feeding of the washing process or the subsequent extruder feed. This levels the process and thus ensures the highest availability and turnout.


    The new developed dry cleaning cleans the pre-shredded material mechanically so that the contamination degree for the following washing is reduced and subsequently the costs for the reject-disposal are kept at a low cost level.


    The pre-shredded material is sorted via a belt sorter that can be easily integrated into the complete plant concept.


    The flake sorting unit is a module, which offers an optical sorting with a high recovery degree. It can sort after polymer kinds and after colors.


    At the end of the process the modular design offers the option to integrate a Big-Bag station, which makes the material ready for the following transport

Washing technology

The patented technology brings out a 100 % improved washing result compared to conventional washing technologies. The heat, which supports for the cleaning process, is generated in the Plastic Cleaning by friction of the plastic parts. Therefor the Vecoplan works extremely energy- and cost efficient.



    The plant operation system is the central control unit of the fully automated Vecoplan washing technology. This is where all information of the plant coincides and allows the operator a central control, based on an innovative control platform.


    • Prepares the shredded material for the washing process
    • Larger stones and metal pieces are rejected via floating / sink method
    • Smaller stones and metal contaminations also sink and do not get in the downstream process
    • Protects other Washing technology modules reliably against damage


    • Phase separation of material (flakes) and process water
    • The water separation unit consists of a phase separator and a mechanical dryer in cascade design for maximum drying results
    • Water separation and pre-drying minimize the energy consumption of the subsequent thermal drying
    •  Equipped with high-torque motor drives


    The thermal drying is a high performance dryer ensuring the constant residual moisture content of the material. Operated by electricity or gas this outstandingly maintainable unit grants for reliable production process.


    The pneumatic pickup ensures the further pneumatic transport of washed flakes at the end of the cleaning process. Thus an efficient conveying of the material into a bunker or directly to the extruder is granted.


    • Separation of pulp (adhesive labels and glue) also as organic and mineral contaminations (sand, sediments)
    • Filters the process water using HydroDyn disc filtrator in an innovative way
    • Protects other filter systems


    • Removes impurities and contaminant particles through two-stage flotation process from the process water
    • Micro bubbles lead the particle to the surface for separation
    • Provides purified process water for the modules plastic cleaning and final cleaning 
    • Significantly reduces fresh water needs of the entire process



    The buffer tank is a specially developed buffer storage within the washing unit. It levels the water circuit and thus ensures the high-efficient water management in the system.


Case Non Woven EN

Case Non Woven EN

For the high-precision cutting of extremely fine filaments, yarns and big bags, Vecoplan designed two shredders for a single customer. The main focus lay on the extremely precise cutting technology and a fully closed housing. The Vecoplan shredder VAZ 1600 XLMFFT masters both.



In Turkey, Vecoplan® installed a highly modern and extremely productive RDF processing plant for the waste recycler RDF Kontamine. Using the specialist RDF shredder VVZ 250T and two VEZ 2500 TT re-shredders, RDF Kontamine achieves an hourly output of 35 tonnes of fuel. The complete system is designed for optimum fuel quality and minimum operating costs for the supply of a cement works.

Case Hard Plastic

Case Hard Plastic

Vecoplan® has implemented a system for shredding hard plastics for an austrian recycling company. The challenge when shredding cans, buckets and detergent bottles, for example, is foreign objects. In the past they had to be removed in a way that was time- consuming and costly. The Vecoplan® high performance shredder VAZ 2500 has put an end to this.

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