Vecoplan to present efficient wood shredding and chipping solutions at Lisderevmash: • Vecoplan AG

Vecoplan to present efficient wood shredding and chipping solutions at Lisderevmash:

Wood chipping made easy

From September 28 to 30 this year, Vecoplan AG will present its solutions for wood processing at Lisderevmash, the international trade fair for forestry and wood processing in Kiev, Ukraine. One of the company’s presentations will focus on its optimised biomass chipper.

Lisderevmash in Kiev is an international exhibition of machinery, equipment, technologies and tools for forestry and wood processing – and it’s also an informative forum for furniture manufacturers. The wood processing industry and carpenters, cabinet makers and joiners must all be able to reliably process chipboard, hardwood, solid wood waste, bark, cardboard and softwood into wood chips and briquette-ready material. Vecoplan is also a solution provider for wood processing and the company will be informing visitors in Kiev about individual components in the processing of residual wood and on overall concepts, including installation and service.

Among other products, the Vecoplan experts will be presenting the VHZ series, a compact single-shaft shredder which is particularly suitable for wood processing operations. They will also present the new VTH 450-850 and VTH 450-1050 biomass chippers. These robust, reliable and powerful chippers have short, horizontal feeding units to produce large throughput quantities of energy chips for thermal use in biomass power plants. However, the new chippers are also ideal for sawmills, where they can be used to efficiently chop waste wood that is free of impurities. Visitors can learn all about the company’s expertise and broad product portfolio at the Vecoplan exhibition booth.

Vecoplan at Lisderevmash: Hall 2.

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