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Data destruction company relies on shredders from Vecoplan

Irreversible destruction of sensitive data

The requirements applying to the physical destruction of documents and storage media have been steadily increasing. The material must be shredded into smaller and smaller particles in order to comply with the necessary security level, and at the same time the machines must achieve a high throughput. The company, which specialises in the mobile destruction of documents and storage media, relies on shredders from Vecoplan. In autumn of 2021 it added a new shredder to its machine pool, raising the total number to six. specialises in the effective and irreversible destruction of sensitive documents and various data storage media. The service provider sends special vehicles with permanently mounted shredders to customers throughout Germany and does its work right on site. The machines shred the material to very small particle sizes in keeping with stringent security requirements. For efficient shredding of hard disks, tapes and CDs, relies on the VDS 800 series from Vecoplan. Using different screen sizes, the company can achieve the different particle sizes required by its customers for their respective security levels. Screens can be changed in less than five minutes. The shredders can be fed with batches of up to 30 kilograms, and they operate very quietly thanks to their encapsulated design. For shredding of documents, uses the compact VAZ 800 series from Vecoplan. These durable and robust single-shaft shredders reliably produce an extremely homogeneous output. A hydraulically powered ram pushes the material to be shredded quickly and easily into the shredding mechanism.

Both series feature a patented rotor cutting unit that can process almost any material. No additional feeding systems are needed. The collected input can be placed directly in the machines without dosing. The shredders used by can operate for up to eight hours per day, five days a week. Recyclable fractions, such as hard disks and PC boards, are returned to the materials cycle by partner companies. Shredded plastics are usually recycled as fuel. has been operating a sixth mobile document shredder from Vecoplan since October. Vecoplan replaced its first machine with a new one, and the other four have been in continuous operation for years.

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