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VECOPLAN Machine Fire Protection System

The innovative and exclusive solution for your shredding process

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The VECOPLAN machine fire protection system offers maximum safety
Oxidizing impurities in the input material and improperly maintenance of wear parts may cause fire on plant components. This results in high costs by destroyed or damaged components, production downtimes and increasing insurance premiums. For this reason VECOPLAN has developed a preventative, independently working fire protection concept for shredding machines.


Potential sources of fire or ignition in the material get located and extinguished within a split second - without affecting the shredding process.

Depending on application and ignition temperature of shredded materials the detectors are applied for detecting temperatures from 250° C to 400° C.

Detection of exceeding temperatures leads to automatic temporary extinguishing at which the shredding process is continued. In case open flames are indicated the extinction time is extended and at the same time the shredding process and following processes are stopped. A possible spread of the fire sources is thus effectively prevented.

Existing dust collection systems for paper shredding applications can be additionally protected by this technology. Any ignition sources or sparks within the exhausted dust as well as sparks that come up at the shredding process are detected and eliminated.

Our engineers analyze risks and develop customized fire protection concepts for your system in compliance with the current standards and safety regulations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss your process.

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Additional safety and advantages with the VECOPLAN machine fire protection system:

  • Minimized fire damages and downtimes
  • Decrease of loss of production material by water or fire damages
  • Reduction of fault reporting to public and corporate fire brigade
  • Quick firefighting without residues of chemical extinguishing agents
  • No danger to life

Best practice: Clients worldwide trust in VECOPLAN machine fire protection systems:

  • Heidelberg Zement, Turkey
  • Heidelberg Zement, Norway
  • Portland Cemento, Portugal
  • Bursa Cimento, Turkey
  • Renor (A/S), Norway
  • Pro Reci, Portugal
  • Cementa (AB), Sweden
  • Leading File Destruction Companies
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