VAZ medium-duty series • Single-shaft shredders (VAZ) medium-duty series • Vecoplan AG

Single-shaft shredders (VAZ) medium-duty series

3D model of the medium-duty series single-shaft-shredder VAZ 1300
3D model of the medium-duty series single-shaft-shredder VAZ 1300

The single-shaft shredder is the most versatile and widely used shredder and can operate without an additional feeding system in most applications. The material collected can be fed directly with dosing. The hydraulically driven ram feeds the material to the rotor. The rotor system, developed and patented in 1989, is able to handle almost all materials. Optionally, the machines of this series can be equipped with a Flipper, which grants security against damages caused by tramp material and also makes it easy to remove the tramp material. Additionally they can also be provided with a bridge-breaker for the shredding of bulky and light materials.

Small and sturdy: Our medium-duty single-shaft shredders can gain an impressive throughput of up to 6,000 kg/h, which is far from average.

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