V-ECO Series • New development in the shredding technology: Energy efficient - Powerful • Vecoplan AG

New development in the shredding technology: Energy efficient - Powerful

The V-ECO series is the new and innovative shredder made by VECOPLAN which can easily be integrated in already existing plants. It is versatile and copes with any number of demands on applications. The shredder is an advanced development of the already well-established VECOPLAN VAZ-series and offers our customers with production waste the perfect recycling solution to close the loop from waste to resource at lowest energy costs. Plastic recyclers and waste management companies have their focus on clean material and sorting – the V-ECO series is the perfect starting point for each recycling process.

The USPs of the V-ECO series are:

V-ECO series datasheet

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V-ECO Data sheets

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Our performance:

Files being shredded

Confidential documents
Files, fanfold paper, folder, loose paper ...

crumpled-up newspaper

Used paper and cardboard packaging
Newspaper, frame cuts, books, magazines, corrugated card board, cardboard packaging, cement bags, wallpaper and cartons …

a paper roll is fixed on a pallet

Paper rolls
out of different material