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Separating material - safeguarding your investment

Different separators

The purer and more homogeneous the output, the higher the added value of your recycling and reprocessing plants, and the safer your investment is. To reliably sort out extraneous materials and foreign objects, and separate fractions from each other, we offer a variety of separating machines and systems. For FE separation: Conveyor belts with magnetic head drum, permanent magnetic drums, permanent tubular magnets and overbelt magnets. For NF separation: NF metal separator. For metal detection: Flat coil Metron 5, tunnel coil. The air separator separates light and heavy fractions from each other to achieve, for example in alternative fuel shredding, a significantly better output quality. All Vecoplan® separating solutions are hard-wearing, safe and low maintenance.

Ferrous separation

Non-ferrous separation

Air separator

Metal detectors