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Manufacture wood-based materials in a cost-effective way

If you process round timbers, residual wood, Grade A wood waste, woods slabs or chippings into wood-based materials such as chipboard, OSB board or MDF board, then we are here to give you a helping hand. We know that quality and reliability are important to you, so we offer sophisticated, robust, and durable technical solutions along your entire process chain: From the log handling station, to the chipper, through to the conveying, screening and storage technology; all systems are designed to provide maximum uptime, including continuous 24/7 operation. All maintenance and routine service work, such as changing the blades on the chipper, can be carried out quickly and cost effectively. You benefit from the consistently optimised cost-effectiveness and profitability of your Vecoplan® machines and systems.

Solutions for all Input-Material

Wood-based materials industry

Round wood

Wood-based materials industry

Waste wood

Wood-based materials industry

Used timber (A1)

Wood-based materials industry

Wood slabs

Wood-based materials industry

Wood chips


Products for wood and biomass processing

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Please read and see which technologies and solutions Vecoplan® offers you in the processing and preparation of wood, used timber, waste wood as well as biomass.

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