VRZ – Pre-shredder ripping system

Successful pre-shredding even for bulky materials

Our VRZ is ideally suited for the pre-shredding of a wide variety of materials. By using sickle-shaped ripping teeth instead of conventional cutting tools, the machine can easily break up even difficult or bulky materials and thus prepare them for further processing. Thanks to its robust design, you can use the pre-shredder without interruptions over a long period of time - at low operating costs and low maintenance.

VRZ – Pre-shredder ripping system

For continuous operation in demanding applications

The new Vecoplan VRZ 2500 waste shredder is designed for tough, continuous operation in recycling and waste-processing facilities. Its rugged double-shaft rotor system rips the input material – a highly efficient means of reducing inhomogeneous waste into sortable shapes and sizes for extraction of recyclable materials, power generation or further processing. The output is suitable for storage and transport.

The highlights of the VRZ - Pre-shredder ripping system

State-of-the-art Vecoplan technology

Our HiTorc drive has no mechanical components like belts, gear wheels, flywheels or clutches. This makes the shredder much more robust and energy-efficient. Major maintenance work is almost totally unnecessary, resulting in significantly lower operating costs and maximising the overall efficiency of the drive. Another positive side-effect of the electric direct drive is its verysilent operation. There is no quieter drive on the market. The most solid cutting table is designed to allow fine waste like stones, sand and small metal parts to fallthrough and be discharged. This minimises wear and tear costs. 


Your advantages at a glance

  • Robust and durable design for extreme conditions

  • Highest reliability and availability

  • Ergonomic machine design for optimal maintenance and service accessibility

  • Increased energy efficiency

  • Reduced operating and wear costs

  • Intuitive machine operation via VSC. Control 

  • Online support and optimisation via the Vecoplan Smart Center


The VRZ is characterised above all by the special design of its two rotors: Instead of conventional cutting tools, they are equipped with sickle-shaped ripping teeth.

The modular cutting unit enables rapid replacement of rotors and the cutting table. This significantly reduces downtimes.

Different rotor designs for diverse applications allow individual grain sizes and a high degree of flexibility.

The HiTorc drive is a frequency-controlled, powerful high-torque motor with a variably adjustable speed range that can also start up under load. The virtually maintenance-free and noiseless drive has an energy saving of up to 60% compared to conventional drives.

A real ripper for tough continuous operation

in waste treatment plants or in the processing of wood and biomass

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Can be used for following material

Domestic and industrial waste
Alternative fuel