Highest efficiency for an hourly output of 35 tonnes

RDF Kontamine

The Turkish waste recycler and RDF specialist RDF Kontamine has a clear vision and mission: Using the latest waste reprocessing methods and technologies, RDF Kontamine wants to offer its customers maximum benefits and the highest level of sustainability, especially in RDF processing.


Using the latest waste reprocessing methods and technologies, waste recycling and RDF processing should offer the highest possible benefits and a high degree of sustainability.


The plant designed by Vecoplan includes a powerful VVZ pre-shredder, which feeds two VEZ 2500 TT re-shredding lines, together with the corresponding conveying and separation technology.


The solution provides the customer with a performance-oriented, energy-saving overall system with robust and maintenance-optimized technology, which can demonstrate an output that is free of impurities. Top values were achieved in terms of throughput, availability, energy efficiency, output quality and ultimately profitability.

Extremely productive RDF processing plant by Vecoplan

In Turkey, Vecoplan installed a highly modern and extremely productive RDF processing plant for the waste recycler RDF Kontamine. Using the specialist RDF shredder VVZ 250T and two VEZ 2500 TT re-shredders, RDF Kontamine achieves an hourly output of 35 tonnes of fuel. The complete system is designed for optimum fuel quality and minimum operating costs for the supply of a cement works.

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Success story-RDF processing-RDF Kontamine-EN
From the start, we were able to work with Vecoplan very closely, constructively and in search of the best possible solution. The work and input we provided ourselves were brought together seamlessly thanks to good project management.
Berrin Rabia ANDI , RDF Kontamine
Plant Manager & Environmental Manager
We are happy with the overall result on every level. What fascinates us is the combination of reliability and performance. Vecoplan implemented a very stable high-tech solution for us, which has paid off.
Yalcin Abdullah , RDF Kontamine
Manager assistant / Environmental Engineer