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Your competitive edge: Vecoplan technologies

Technology development

Markets in the wood, waste and recycling industry are undergoing highly dynamic developments. With an increasing global focus on sustainability, you are constantly met with new competitive challenges. By working together with you, we meet these challenges and support you at an international level with leading and superior products, technologies and complete systems.

We have been setting technological standards on the market for and with our customers since 1969. All our activities - research, development, construction,

engineering, consulting, planning, implementation, and services - are aimed at enabling you to work optimally with Vecoplan technologies. We therefore take care of every detail to generate benefits for you.  Our machines are consistently energy efficient, robustly designed for high loads and reliability, achieve above-average throughput rates and transform input material into high-quality output, creating maximum value. Vecoplan systems and technologies are rigorously adapted to provide you with a competitive edge in your market environment.

Individual development in the technical centre

Technical centre

You need and seek individual solutions. Machines and systems which are tailored to the materials you work with as well as your processes. This is exactly what we offer you. You will benefit from our comprehensive testing and development opportunities in the Vecoplan technical centre in Bad Marienberg. It is currently the largest and most modern development centre in environmental technology in the world.

We can fully represent your value creation process and perform extensive tests with your materials. This minimises project times and means you know exactly what you are getting, what output qualities and throughput rates are achievable with your materials, and how much corresponding tool wear to expect, for example. This creates the basis of a financially optimal overall process for you in advance of implementation.

In addition to customised development, the technical centre is of course central to the continuous optimisation of our machines and the development of innovations and new Vecoplan technologies. For example, the patented HiTorc drive and the VecoDyn washing and recycling system were developed there for series production. We are currently testing new, groundbreaking technologies...

Patented technologies for you

In your interest, we firmly believe that we can find a technological solution for nearly every challenge in every industry. Experience makes this possible. We have been developing unique technologies for our customers and their markets since 1969. In your interest, we use the talents, skills, and ideas of our designers and engineers.

Key features: Providing customer benefits. An example? The patented Vecoplan HiTorc drive. It is low-maintenance, operationally reliable, can be started up in practice under full load and saves up to 60% energy. As with the HiTorc, each of our patented solutions offers specific advantages and benefits in practice, from which you benefit and which pay for themselves.

The list of Vecoplan patents is long. Here are a few examples:

• centrifugal wedge knife attachment system
• Universal cutting unit
• Flipper to protect from extraneous materials
• Film and fibre rotor
• High performance shredder VAZ
• HiTorc drive for single-shaft and double-shaft shredders

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